The Impact of Coronavirus

Coronavirus is perhaps the biggest challenge Centrepoint has ever faced. Homeless and vulnerable young people need our support more than ever to stay safe.

Despite the challenges that will develop in the coming weeks and months, we are confident that with the support of our partners and donors, we can continue to deliver the vital support and services homeless young people need – at the time they need it most.

Impact on homeless young people

This is an extremely unsettling time for everybody, but is particularly affecting for homeless young people.

Over 60% of Centrepoint residents have a diagnosed mental health condition and during this time of uncertainty, many of these young people will be desperately overwhelmed by the Coronavirus outbreak.

The experience of social exclusion is all too familiar for many of Centrepoint’s young people. The prospect of self-isolation will understandably cause anxiety in us all, but for the young people in our services, many do not have family or friends to support them and may be forced to relive past traumas and feelings of loneliness.

The added challenges of food insecurity, financial hardship and an inability to attend work or college will only make this problem worse.

This is an extremely difficult time for the young people supported by Centrepoint, but we will do everything we can to ensure they continue to receive the support they need.

To find out how we continue to support homeless young people, please click here.


Impact on Centrepoint services

Our staff are responding quickly and tirelessly to keep our services open and young people safe. As the impact of Coronavirus becomes more apparent each day, we are doing all that we can to keep our colleagues and young people informed and reassured.

However, we have inevitably felt the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak and have had to adapt our services quickly. We have been forced to temporarily stop some of our programmes in response to the government’s guidance on social distancing, including our engagement programmes in sport, arts and culture, and social events for young people at our Dean Street Hub. We are exploring options to continue these programmes virtually and will keep in contact with the young people attending these programmes to minimise the impact this will have on their long-term journey to independence. 

Despite the challenges, all our health and accommodation services remain open and continue to provide life-changing support.

You can find out how we are supporting homeless young people through this difficult time here.


Impact on income

Centrepoint relies on voluntary funding from generous funding bodies, dedicated individuals and our amazing corporate partners to ensure we can deliver the most effective practical and emotional support to homeless young people.

As a direct result of Coronavirus, Centrepoint’s income will be severely impacted in 2020. The projected income loss is over a staggering £2Million. We have already had to cancel some of our most popular events and because of the unavoidable economic impact on our partners; we know our fundraising will be hugely affected.

Meanwhile, we have to spend more unanticipated funds to offer the additional level of support homeless young people need during this crisis.

We would like to take this opportunity to recognise the incredible support from so many of our donors and key partners so far; the messages and contributions we have received since the outbreak of Coronavirus have been heart-warming to see.

Nevertheless, now more than ever we are reliant on the generosity and understanding of our supporters. The need for your help has never been greater. Please donate and support our work in any way you can.

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