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Move in May

Centrepoint estimates that 110,000 young people in the UK are facing homelessness, a statistic made all the more shocking during the crisis we find ourselves in at the moment. That's why we are asking you to complete 110,000 steps across the month of May to raise vital funds for our Emergency Coronavirus Appeal.

It doesn’t matter how you make up the steps, whether you’re going for your daily walk or running around your living room! Make a difference to the lives of the young people we support and #MoveinMay.

How it works

Starting 1st May, hit 110,000 steps any way you want to and raise £110 for Centrepoint. Whether you want to do your steps in one week or space them out over the month, all you need to do is start moving, log your progress on a fitness tracker and complete the 110,000 by the end of May.

Everyone is welcome to take part, so why not get your friends and family involved, or set up a competition amongst your colleagues at work? The aim is to reach 110,000 steps, but that doesn’t have to be the limit!

Every pound you raise will go towards mitigating the £2 million income loss we are predicting due to the Coronavirus crisis, and enabling us to continue our vital support. We’re here to support you all the way with your fundraising, download our handy at home fundraising pack for some great ideas.

Remember to share your updates with us using the #MoveinMay and tag us @centrepointuk


Check out our leaderboard below, to see how you and all your fellow Centrepoint Movers are getting on!

Why your support is so important

There is a lot of panic and fear right now amongst both staff and young people. We are trying to manage stress and anxiety levels and we are working with our Senior Mental Health Advisor to develop strategies.

The social distancing is really difficult as the staff work in a small office. Key work sessions with young people are more important than ever due to the drop off of EET (education, employment and training) opportunities. Basically, all the young people we work worth have gone from EET to NEET (not in education, employment or training) in the space of a couple of weeks and for many, that keeps them going and provides them with focus.

 I was hoping to be able to plan more games and cooking sessions, but because of the social distancing, that isn’t possible.

 We are just taking each day as it comes and doing our very best to support the young people in our services.

Albert - Service Manager

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